Housing products

Housing products

Rental housing with subsequent purchase

OJSC "SMC" from its own housing stock provides participants in the housing program "My House 2021-2026" with housing for rent with the right to purchase later. This housing product has many advantages, one of which is the absence of a down payment and a low interest rate, due to the lack of margin of partner banks.

Savings mortgage loan

A cumulative mortgage loan for the purchase of housing or building individual housing, which provides for the mandatory accumulation of the initial contribution through a housing and conservation contribution (deposit) in OJSC HCSS "Eldik turak-jai company" (subsidiary of the SMC) with subsequent co-financing from the SMC in the amount of not more than 40% The cost of acquired/under construction and from OJSC HCSS "Eldik turak-jai company" at least 30%.

Mortgage lending through partner banks

The provision of mortgage loans through partner banks is currently one of the main housing products in the framework of the implementation of state housing programs. This product is the issuance of a mortgage loan to participants in state housing programs through partner banks for the purchase of finished housing and the construction of individual housing in the presence of their own land.


Cost of purchased housing


500 000

9 000 000

Down payment


Loan interest rate (% p.a.)


Loan term


1 year

25 year

Loan interest rate
Monthly payment
Loan amount