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How to apply and become a member of the program?

How to apply and become a member of the program?



Citizens can already today apply for a mortgage loan without leaving their homes, including through mobile phones. Thanks to the electronic portal, 24 hours, 7 days a week, GIK will be close to customers literally at "arm's length".

Applications for participation in the My Home 2021-2026 Program are accepted ONLINE at the link https://portal.gik.kg

1. In the window that opens, click the button - "Registration";

2. Fill in all the required fields (3 blocks), then - "Save";

3. After registration, your Personal Account on the portal will open and you will receive an SMS to the number you specified with a temporary password for entering;

4. Enter your Personal Account, enter the TIN and temporary password (the password must be changed at the first login);

5. If you are married or married and have minor children, fill in the family information in the "Family Information" section;

6. Next, you need to make a payment for the services, with a personal account and the amount payable is indicated in the "Payment for services" section;

7. Then you need to confirm your registered profile by providing consent to the processing of personal data of a citizen, spouse (s).
Consent to the processing of personal data is provided through the Balance.kg mobile application:
• Download Balance.kg (spouse must be downloaded separately);

• In the Balance.kg application, go through online identification;

• In the Balance.kg application, in the “State” menu, click the “Registration in the GEC” button, for the spouse (s) - the “Spouse (s) consent” button.
8. After confirming the profile, in the "My applications" section, you must click on "Add an application", enter additional data and send an application for verification to OJSC "GIK". The status of the application should be "Submitted for review".

9. Employees of state bodies and departments exempted from paying taxes and contributions to the Social Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic, to determine the length of service in their personal account in the "My Documents" section, attach a salary certificate for the last 12 months and other documents confirming the presence of labor activity.

Providing consent to the processing of personal data is necessary to conduct electronic data requests from government agencies for compliance with the selection criteria for public housing programs. After granting consent, it is necessary to make payment for the implementation of requests from public authorities. Payment can be made through electronic payment services - Elcart Mobile, Elsom, MegaPay, Balance.kg and RSK 24.

You pay for requesting the following information from government agencies:

- Family status;

- length of service;

- the absence or presence of housing.

The cost of requests per person will be 78 soms, of which:

- 20 soms - permanent SMS notification;

- 2 soms - verification of passport data and marital status;

- 56 som - information on the availability of housing.

Previously, to confirm the above information, you had to collect a whole package of documents, but now you confirm everything in one "click". You no longer have to stand in line for another certificate, the cost of which is from 150 to 200 soms per person.