Individual housing construction

Mortgage for construction and completion of housing


With a grace period during construction**

Requirements for participants


Participant (target group): Citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic from 21 to 65 years of age* employed by an organization funded from the state or municipal budget

Work experience: Total work experience of at least 3 years or at least one year of work experience in the given organization

Plot of land: Availability of own plot of land for construction of housing, including an unfinished house

Lack of housing**: Absence of own housing in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic for the participant, the participant's spouse and minor children of the participant

No transactions with housing: No civil law transactions with housing throughout the Kyrgyz Republic for the last 3 years prior to the date of application for participation in the Program on the part of the participant, the participant's spouse and minor children

Other: Participant's ability to pay


* Age of 21 years at the moment of application for participation in housing programs implemented by the State Mortgage Company OJSC and up to 65 years of age at the moment of repayment of the latter

** Participation in housing programs implemented by the State Mortgage Company OJSC is allowed if there is a share of less than 12 sq.m. in the housing inherited by the participant, the participant's spouse and minor children of the participant


Requirements for housing construction

Collateral: The land plot intended for housing construction must be owned by the participant, should not be burdened with debt obligations or be the subject of legal proceedings. Future constructed housing will also be pledged

Total area: Housing construction - no more than 150 sq.m.

Required documents:

  • Residential building construction project, approved by the relevant authorities
  • Construction cost estimate, approved by a licensed quantity surveyor

Construction period: No more than 18 months from the date of obtaining the mortgage loan

Cost of housing: Not more than 60,000 soms per 1 sq.m., including works and construction materials

Basic loan conditions


Target allocation of the mortgage loan: Construction of housing or completion of an unfinished residential house

Loan currency: Kyrgyz som

Max. loan amount: 3 000 000 soms

Loan term: from 5 to 15 years

Grace period: At the time of construction, the participant is allowed to pay only interest, and the principal amount of the debt only after completion of construction and commissioning of the housing 

Loan disbursement: Performed in 4 tranches (1 - laying the building footing, 2 - construction of housing walls, 3 - roofing and flooring, 4 - finishing works)

Down payment: a minimum of 20% of the total estimate amount or the equivalent in the materials spent on the unfinished residential house (the down payment may also include the participant's expenses for design services, construction costing)*

Interest rate:

  • For the construction period - 10% per annum
  • After completion of construction - 6% per annum

Commission: Absence of any commission for administration of the mortgage loan and other additional fees

Collateral: Land plot, including future residential house

Insurance: After completion of construction, the housing must be insured by the borrower against the risk of loss or damage to the mortgagee for the entire balance of the mortgage loan during the entire repayment period of the mortgage loan. The insurance amount must be at least equal to the amount (sum) of the claim secured by the mortgage.


*All expenses must be documented (receipts, cheques)

Mortgage Calculator

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