April 1, 2020

Dear fellow citizens!

In the current situation regarding the introduction of the State of Emergency in the Kyrgyz Republic, introduced to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, the State Mortgage Company is ready to provide support to citizens who have difficulty repaying a mortgage loan by providing a loan deferment.

In this connection, SMC together with partner banks individually consider the possibility of granting a delay in mortgage loans.

To obtain a delay on a mortgage, you need to apply to the bank in which you received a loan. Bank employees will consider each application individually. according to the Decree of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, a delay may be granted for a period of 3 months or more.

In addition, we inform you that in the next three months, late payment penalties will not be charged on mortgage loans of the State Electoral Commission.

We also note that our company is switching to the maximum online service mode. For deferral issues, employees of partner banks and borrowers, please contact the following numbers:

(773) 86 80 70, (701) 20 33 08
(558) 37 35 29, (772) 38 93 98
0550 12 11 65, 0701 85 85 78 (whatsapp)

We wish you all good health and prosperity!

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