Contractual savings for housing

The system of contractual savings for housing provides for the gradual regular accumulation of housing savings from citizens in order to form a down payment for a mortgage loan at preferential interest rates compared to market rates. This system has been widely used in Europe and Asia.

"Ak-Bosogo" Housing Savings Credit Company OJSC (HSCC) was registered as subsidiary of SMC and SIO on May 14, 2020. HSCC will offer citizens various options for the period of accumulation - from 3 to 10 years. In this case, remuneration will be accrued on the housing savings of citizens, so that after the expiration of the term of accumulation of the system participants could get housing loans at reduced interest rates for up to 20 years. Deposits of citizens will be insured by the Deposit Protection Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic.

All citizens, regardless of the availability of housing, place of work (including citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic working outside the country) can become members of this system.

The company will begin to fully function after obtaining a license from the National Bank of the KR.


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